Tips for using OSMOUK Post Fix

With the OSMOUK Post Fix product, completing DIY garden or commercial property projects is simple and efficient. Cement is a notoriously difficult material to handle and clear up after use, and often is not worth the hassle when working on a simple bench or replacing a broken fence panel.

The OSMOUK Post Fix product has been designed to be a straightforward process, setting fast and leaving little-to-no clean up time.

Here are some top tips for using OSMOUK Post Fix to complete your project:

Check the size and depth

Before mixing your product, make sure the size and depth of your hole is twice that of your post. If the hole is too shallow, it will affect the product strength and guarantee unnecessary spillage which could have been avoided. You should use one bottle per hole for the best finish.

Consider the temperature

Post Fix bottles are acclimatised at 22 – 25˚C. Bottles that are stored below these temperatures will result in the process taking longer and less expansion of the mixture. The mixing process will generate heat but leaving the product in a warm place will further benefit results.

Don’t cut corners

Make sure to shake the bottle for 20 seconds, no more and no less, to get the most accurate results. It is very important to apply Post Fix to your hole instantly after mixing – failure to apply straight away may result in expansion and solidification within the bottle. This will not only render the product useless but also dangerous. Also, not mixing for long enough may mean the mixture will struggle to rise or not rise at all.

Work on the finish

When the OSMOUK Post Fix product begins to rise, it could overflow out of your hole, depending on its depth. Simply cut away at the excess mixture with any sharp knife. Doing this allows dirt to be placed around the post easily and generally makes for a neater finish.


Do you have further questions about using OSMOUK Post Fix? Visit our FAQ page to see if it has been answered there, or contact us using our easy form.

Comment (9)

  • doreen reed| April 17, 2018

    Hi how many bottles does it take for one fence post pkease

  • admin| May 3, 2018

    Hello doreen,

    You will need one OSMOUK Post Fix per post.

    Thank you

    OSMOUK Post Fix

  • chacha| May 3, 2018

    Hi how much is it

  • admin| May 4, 2018

    Hi Chacha

    Please follow this link-

    It will show you a number of stores that supply OSMOUK Post Fix, the price varies from £8.90- £8.99 depending on the store you purchase from.

    Thank you

    OSMOUK Post Fix

  • Anonymous| May 15, 2018

    Where can you get it from

  • Victor| May 15, 2018

    Where can you get it from

  • Richard Swann| May 22, 2018

    A) Because the post is in a hole only twice its width, the Osmouk provides a tight fit. In view of this can the hole be less deep than would be usual eg for a post 3 ft above ground could the hole depth be say 9 inches rather than 12 inches?
    B) Is Osmouk corrosive? Could it damage any underground pipes or cables it comes in contact with?

  • Haines| June 24, 2018

    Can it handle hanging a gate from it

  • admin| July 12, 2018

    Hi there. There has been no tests to suggest that it will withstand hanging a gate so we cannot give a simple yes or no. We believe that it would be suitable as a quick fix but not for a permanent fix.

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