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  1. How do I use the OSMOUK Post Fix product?

The installation process is extremely quick and can be done within minutes. Seven simple instructions on how to use OSMOUK Post Fix product can be found on the product page.


  1. How large should the hole for the post be?

The width of the hole should be no smaller than twice the dimension of the post.


  1. How long is the shelf life for OSMOUK Post Fix?

OSMOUK Post Fix has a shelf life of 12 months, if stored in its original package and away from direct sunlight and moisture.


4. Will UV exposure affect OSMOUK Post Fix?

UV exposure will not affect the structural integrity of the product; however, it will discolour from a cream colour to a burnt orange colour. To prevent any discoloration, simply cover the set product with a layer of dirt once your post is fixed. Dirt is a UV inhibitor and will prevent any colour change.


  1. Does temperature affect OSMOUK Post fix?

If an unused bottle is kept at a temperature lower than 22°C, the product will take longer to react, expand and set, and will also produce less volume. Bottles kept higher than 25°C will react, expand and set faster lowering the working time and will produce a higher volume, weaker composite.


  1. What types of material will OSMOUK Post Fix work with?

OSMOUK has specifically designed Post Fix for use with wood, vinyl, PVC, steel, concrete, and metal posts.


  1. If the product expands above ground, can you chop or cut it to ground level?

Yes, you can easily cut away the excess OSMOUK Post Fix. Cut it down to ground level and then cover with soil or grass.
To prevent expansion above the earth, make sure you dig the hole to twice the width of the pole being installed.


  1. How do I purchase OSMOUK Post Fix?

Contact sales@osmouk.com or call the office number +44 (0) 1296 481 220.


  1. How long does OSMOUK Post Fix last once fitted?

The product has been found to be secure for 40+ years while in the ground, without need for replacement.


  1. What can I use OSMOUK Post Fix for?

Applications include fences, garden lights, post boxes, signs, washing lines, and bird baths, as well as sports posts, such as basketball hoops and football, tennis, and volleyball nets.

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