OSMOUK Post Fix is a DIY product for small projects that require a quick and easy solution. With no complicated installation process, any specialist tools or fixings, everyone can use OSMOUK Post Fix.


What are the key features and benefits of OSMOUK Post Fix

OSMOUK Post Fix is a strong, easy-to-use, and fast-setting solution that comes with endless amounts of key features, including-

•   Two-part component
•   Fills the void between post and hole
•   Easy to use
•   Quickly sets and fast to apply
•   High strength against impacts and shocks
•   Adheres to wood, vinyl, PVC, steel, concrete
and metal posts
•   Waterproof
•   Helps to protect the post against rotting
•   Can be used outside all year round


Suitability of OSMOUK Post Fix:

OSMOUK has specifically designed Post Fix for use with wood, vinyl, PVC, steel, concrete, and metal posts.

Applications include-

•   Fence posts
•   Garden lights
•   Post boxes
•   Signs
•   Washing lines
•   Bird baths
•   Sports posts, such as basketball hoops and football, tennis, and volleyball nets.



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